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Blogger - Blogger is Google Inc's online self-publishing blogging tool. The service from Google is totally free and enables you to set up an online blog and publish alomost instantly. Blogger is also an interesting proposition for a self-publisher who is just starting out as it allows you to move your blog onto a dedicated domain name when that time comes.

Google Search Engine - The Google Search Engine most likely needs no introduction to anyone who is reading this - if you don't know Google why would you be considering Web Publishing to make money? :-)

Wordpress - Wordpress is a web publishing tool that is totally free. You can download and install Wordpress yourself, or ask your hosting company for suppport to install and setup WordPress. Wordpress is useful for bloggers, information web publishers, and photographers who wish to self-publish. WordPress offers quick and simple page editing and publishing, once it is installed correctly. There are many, many wordpress add-ons that allow the software to be used for photo-blogging and other more specialist publishing tasks. It is also possible to register with Wordpress and have a hosted blog without any installation or maintenance - just write and publish!

Drupal - The official website of Drupal, an open source content management platform at Drupal.Org. Immediate download of this web-publishing CMS, and being open source Drupal is free to use.

Joomla - Another competent, well developed and well supported open source content management system that is ideal for the self-publishing writer. Joomla themselves describe their CMS as the most popular web site software available.

Software - The publishing software and files listed at Hsinlin are all without charge to download and for use. The author (moi!) selects the very best software from around the World Wide Web. Often the software recommended are useful tools that this writer and publisher uses himself. You will find word processing software, FTP software and ideas and development software.

Microsoft Web Publishing
Microsoft - publishes Microsoft Office which includes publishing tools.

Major Blogging Platforms
Here are where you can find the other major blogging platforms - good places to start when writing for profit - Live Journal, MovableType, Windows Live, WordPress, TypePad. Try a quick search at the Google search engine for any of these blogging and self-publishing platforms.