Discover Writing

Discover Writing for Yourself
Here I will describe a discover writing again task that will quickly and easily get you back to the important thing, WRITING. You need a short amount oftime, a blank sheet of paper and a writing implement of any kind. This is also a good excercise for overcoming writers block.

Discover Writing Task
To start writing again after a long, long break - perhaps many years since writing in school or colledge can seem like a daunting task. Even though we all write, perhaps filling in forms or signing for packages, this is, of course, not the same as writing creatively or writing and publishing for profit.

All Writing IS Writing!
Yet, in a very essential way, it IS the same. You put pen or pencil to paper and you wrote. Try this task - take a blank sheet of paper and a pen or pencil. Give yourself a short length of time, say thirty seconds or until you stop. Now write ANYTHING. I really mean anything - it could be what you are thinking - it could be what you can see - it could be colours - it could be feelings - it could be a list - it could be a scribble - it could be any kind or writing.

Discover Writing for Yourself
This discover writing task will quickly help you to discover writing again. You will write, and this is the very first step towards writing productively and profitably. You will find that the more often you attempt this simple discover writing task, the more confident you will feel to tackle a piece of writing and will begin to write to a plan. You may even find that some of your discover writing tasks are worth keeping or improving upon, you will have created writing drafts for later improvement and editing.

Thinking about Writing
If you have only been thinking about writing, the discover writing task, I have described above is a good starting point to get going with writing after a long break.