Thinking About Writing

Thinking About Writing
So you are thinking about writing? Let me tell you now.... Writing is something you do. Of course, you can think about it but while you are thinking about writing you are not actually doing any writing.

Why not, whilst you are reading this, start up your word-processor or text editor and write something? Just a few words.... the first thing that comes into your head.....

Stop Thinking about Writing and Write Something
Do that and you are no longer thinking about writing..... you are actually writing. Once you have written something down you are, by definition, a writer. There is a quote rumbling around in my own head as I write this, can't remember who said or wrote it but it goes like this... "the best cure for writers block is to.... write!"

Writers Block
So, to overcome writers block, write! Stop thinking about writing and actually do it, just write! To become a writer you must write.

Writing Ideas
Okay, so many of you will be thinking it is easier said than done, so here are a few ideas for some writing exactly where YOU are now. Try writing about the colors you can see. Try writing about how comfortable you feel. Try writing about the last time you spoke to someone and what you felt. Try writing about what you will do next. Try writing about how difficult you find it to start writng..... can you see now? The important thing is to WRITE!